Mani  Sternal Closure Wire

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Mani Sternal Closure Wires - Instructions regarding usage


1. To be used by a qualified and experienced physician. 

2. Handle the Wire with needle carefully, to prevent injuries to the surgeon and paramedical personnel while using. 

3. Donft hold the needle at the junction point with the wire; instead hold in the middle or at junction point of the front 2/3 and the back 1/3 of the needle. Donft bend the needle-wire joint as shown in the figure, given below, as it may lead to breakage.

4. Upon closure, twist to tighten the wire and cut off the excess wire; forget not to remove the needle.

5. Donft use for purposes other than Sternal closure. 

6. Donft use in patients with allergy or hypersensitivity reaction to stainless steel or its components like Chromium or Nickel. 

7. Donft use when the package is found open or damaged.

8. For single use only; donft resterilize or re-use. 

9. Beware that, before complete reunion of the closed sternum, the suture may give way with undue stress given to the wire by certain maneuvers due to pressure built up within the chest for ex: severe coughing or improper exercise.

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