Mani  Sternal Closure Wire

  Mani Inc., Japan 

Mani Sternal Closure Wires


The Needle, blades & stainless steel medical products specialists M/S Mani Inc., Japan have added this State-of-the-art product to their range.


The Needle is made of SUS 302 (AISI 302- Manis Special,@patented steel) which possesses the best ductility

The stainless monofilament is made of SUS 316L steel for better strength.

The above mentioned combination of the Best Ductility and Stronger wire, gives you that "Extra" advantages to suture the sternum like easier bites and stronger holding upon closure.

Specifications & Packing details:

SW-0845: Sternal closure stainless steel wire (45cm; USP 6) with Needle (Taper cut 50mm, half circle) Packed as 4 Strands in one pack- ETO sterilized; X 6 Packs in a box.

Instructions regarding usage  

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