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The Social welfare project of "M/S HOPE FOUNDATION" awarded a world bank recognition

"SAKURA Magic" - India's first 100% hand made, Eco-friendly & hypo allergenic Sanitary napkins

The Sanitary Napkin Project has been awarded The Best project award by the world bank

Among Hundreds of applications, Arumbugal trust, who started the manufacturing the Sanitary Napkins at Tirunelveli with the guidance from M/S HOPE FOUNDATION  and technical assistance from Nichi-In Bio Sciences (P) Ltd as well as M/S  GN Corporation Ltd., Japan, were chosen for the

Exhibition of India-Country Level Market Place Competition

conducted by the World Bank at New Delhi on the 21st of June 2004, where their project was adjudged the BEST among ALL exhibitors after a very thorough and in-depth analysis by a jury panel consisting of eminent sociologists, world bank executives of multinational origin.

 The WINNER Shield awarded

The project was adjudged the BEST as it (i) Empowers the women in rural area with economic independence by giving employment, (ii) Helps reduce the unemployment problem (iii) The end product improves the personal hygiene and reduces female reproductive system related morbidity and mortality

 Juries interacting with the exhibiting candidates

Mrs. Latha Mathivanan receiving the award.


HOPE FOUNDATION... is very glad as we have had a small role in contributing to the development of the society around, as recognised by this award. We re-dedicate ourselves for such cause and with this recognition we would definitely continue to commit ourselves for such social causes in the days to come.

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