News about an exchange visit

Dr. Yoshioka of Waseda University, Japan

visits Nichi-In Bio Sciences Research collaborators in India.

Visit of Dr Hiroshi Yoshioka to India for further strengthening the research tie-ups and evaluate the outcome

 Dr. Yoshioka Hiroshi, visiting associate professor, Dept of polymer sciences, Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan and also the Chief technical officer of M/S Mebiol Inc., a Japanese biotechnology firm, visited India in April 2005, to over see the research work by M/S Nichi-In Biosciences (P) Ltd (Sole agents for scientific. commercial and technology development in India for mebiol Inc) by themselves as well as jointly with the collaborating institutions, and to approve the establishment of M/S Nichi-In Centre for Regenerative Medicine, Chennai centre, India. He visited several institutes with potentials for joint research and clinical work in the field of regenerative medicine during his short but hectic trip.

Picture Taken with him at Sankara Nethralaya Vision Research Foundation


From Left to Right: Dr Tarun Sharma, Dr HN. Madhavan, Dr Yoshioka, Dr Premanathan (NCRM), Dr Krishna Kumar & Dr Samuel Abraham.

Dr Yoshioka discussed with the scientists of VRF about the till date developments in ocular tissue related work using the polymer technology and potential projects for joint research in the future in corneal stem cells, retinoblastoma cell lines and other ocular tissue related work.

Dr Yoshioka with Dr K.M Cherian (Chairman & CEO Frontier life line, Dr KM Cherian Heart foundation, Chennai, India)

and Dr Soma Guhathakurta, Cardiac surgeon., on the 5th April 05 at Frontier life line hospital.


The potentials of polymers developed in Japan in 3D cell culture and transformation of Bone marrow cells to cardiomyocytes and their clinical application in cardiology were discussed.


Field visit to over see a bioremediation project in Ranipet established by the Dept of plant biotechnology, Vivekenanda College, Chennai which saves the entrepreneur almost Rs. 30 lakh (Indian Rupees) per annum.

From Left to Right:  Dr Yoshioka, Mr. Negamiah, Dr aV. Sivasubramanian & Mr. Raghavan.


Dr Sivasubramaniam and Mr Raghavan (Vivekananda college) explained to Dr Yoshioka the beneficial effects of the microbes in preserving the environment as they prevent environmental damage by making us avoid usage of harmful chemical agents for bioremediation. Potentials for joint research and development as well as adaptive research of the technology developed in Japan for Indian applications in the allied field were proposed.

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