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Mebiol Gel...a polymer of enormous capabilities in Bio-tech filed


To mention a few latest developments in the Medical field are the Genomic medicine (based on the analysis of human genetic information) and regenerative medicine (based on the progresses with Cell & Tissue culture) Though there are many speculations and hypes, these cutting edge technologies are yet to contribute to the clinical treatment per se.

When the genomic medicine suffers due to lack of sustained release technology (of genomic drugs which are highly unstable in vivo) and the regenerative medicine has an obstacle with some technology to isolate the stem cells and develop them into desired organ/ system of the body. Now with the developments of an appropriate translational technology, the above cutting edge technologies could be made as a tool for clinical treatment.


With the advent of the discovery of this Mebiol Gel, which has the potential to lead to revolutionary progress in translational technology, the above obstacles could be over come.


Unique properties of Mebiol Gel

Mebiol Gel is liquid at lower temperature and turns into a gel upon warming up, unlike conventional hydro gels. It is lipophilic and has a fine mesh structure at the Molecular level, which enables the sustained release of drugs. By changing the chemical composition, the rate of break down in the body could be varied. Again unlike conventional hydro gels, this being a synthetic material is resistant to infection by pathogenic organisms and also its cell adhesiveness and multiplicity could be altered. 

Mebiol Inc has developed 1. Reagents for cell/tissue culture, 2. Testing systems and 3. Medical devices for regenerative medicine. Using the reagents, recovery of cultured organs without damaging them has been made possible. We have also succeeded in establishing technologies for proliferation of Embryonic stem cells, which are the most important cells in regenerative medicine. Electrophoretic system for recovering DNA and a testing system using Chemo taxis have been developed. 

Experimental studies have proven that the Mebiol gel could be used as a matrix for regeneration of cartilage tissues, Hepatocytes etc. This medium has also found a place in making a barrier film which could act as an effective adhesion prevention material in the thorax.

Studies are underway to prove its efficacy as a matrix in regeneration of Hepatocytes and also osteocytes. Studies have been going on in finding the potential of this material in culture of corneal and retinal cells as well as its capability to support the corneal limbal stem cells.

Human Primary colon cancel tissue (X100) preserved using Mebiol Gel - 14 days specimen. Regeneration of Hepatocytes into an area filled with Mebiol gel (Experiment in dogs)

 Apart from the finding that many cell lines have a longer viability and growth potentials in Mebiol Gel, the present Mebiol Gel (MB-10) which is having a gelation temperature of 20Degree C., doesn't have any scaffolds and therefore doesn't support anchorage dependent cells like Fibroblasts. Lately we have developed another version of Mebiol Gel with scaffolds, which supports different cells of anchorage dependent nature like hepatocytes etc.,


Other in-vitro possibilities are:

1. Fractionation of the cells by chemo taxis, motility, membrane potential, etc

2. Simplification of cell manipulation such as transduction

3. Assessment system for therapeutic effects and toxicity using the liver cells/tissue and transport of cornea for transplantation, artificial skins, immune cells, etc

5.Bioreactor for manufacture of vaccines, etc

6.Storage and transport of the cells/tissues for analyses of genomes and proteomes


Of course, the clinical applications and possibilities could be infinite. We welcome enquiries of both academic and business interests.

Regeneration of Femur (Thigh bone) of Rabbit upon application of Mebiol Gel (Periosteum intact).

Since Sep-2005, a new organization for Research, training & clinical application protocol development in Cell therapeutics with emphasis on Stem cells " Nichi-In Centre for Regenerative Medicine (NCRM)" has been started and it takes care of the entire research & development in Cell therapeutics

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